Children and youth top tournament – VantaaCup

VantaaCup -tournament will be hosted by Football Club Vantaa for the sixth time this summer. The tournament will be played in 4th to 6th of September. The main focus and characteristic of the tournament is player development, quality of fields and services and internationality.


The tournament consists of categories U13-U8, both boys and girls (for girls only U12-U8).

For the categories U12-U10 there is available open series, but also invitation series. U13 category is only invitational. If you are interested in invitation series, we kindly ask you to contact our age group directors by an e-mail. U13: velimatti.helastera[at]
U12: tomi.romppanen[at]
U11: petteri.neuvonen[at]
U10: juha.pekkanen[at]

For U12-U8 open series the registration is open online If you need any help or further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Registration fees

For the teams U13-U10 the fee is 300€/team, and for the teams U9-U8 120€/team.

You can enter your team from this link.
If you need help in translation or in any case, we are more than happy to help you. You can contact tournament director Jenni Hannula, jenni.hannula[at]

Playing fields
The tournament games will be played on natural grass or artificial grass in the area of Vantaa. The fields are in excellent condition and the conditions around the field allow for a quality tournament framework.

Our focus is organizing a perfect timetable for each team. Playing time is longer than in other tournaments, there are enough games, but reasonably and there is enough time between games to recover. Our professional stuff focuses on developing tournament schedule and groups to serve incoming teams.

By participating in our tournament, you can confidently focus on the essentials: player development and tournament enjoyment.

Due to the Covid-19 situation tournament will not provide school accomodation.Please check out our hotel offers.

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you too in our tournament and social media.

We warmly wish you to join our tournament!

VantaaCup is proud to offer you:

  • Long playing times
  • Passion and experience
  • A carefully planned activity, really goog games and facilities
  • Great field conditions
  • Internationality
  • Focus on player development
  • Amazing memories around football with your team
  • Beautiful city of Vantaa and really good tournament organization